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  • What is Sports Psychology and what is it for?
    Sports psychology is an area within psychology that deals with the scientific study of psychological factors and human behavior related to physical activity and sport. It serves as a tool to enhance the psychological factors of sports performance.
  • Can the Sports Psychologist motivate me to train or compete?
    No. The Sports Psychologist will teach you techniques and tools so that through your own effort you can find motivation in sport.
  • Why do I train very well, but when I compete I have poor results?
    It's a recurring question in sports. There are many factors that may be influencing poor performance. Some examples: - Negative coach leadership. - Mercenary proxies, always looking for success and with this they constantly pressure their children. - High levels of anxiety in competition. - Personal conflicts. - Among others.
  • What are the Mentalité Sports Psychology plans?
    These are programs that are made up of a number of psychological sessions, where the athlete acquires tools and techniques that allow them to enhance their sports performance.
  • How long does a Sports Psychology plan last?
    The plans can last 3, 6 or months, depending on the needs of each athlete.
  • How do I know which plan is best for me?
    A meeting with our Sports Psychologists determines which plan best suits the needs of each athlete.
  • How can I pay for these plans?
    Through the WEBPAY or FLOW platform, we also accept electronic transfer and cash. You can pay in full or divide the total in the months that correspond to each plan.
  • Do you deliver receipt or invoice?
    Yes, for any service that is performed, whether individual or group.
  • What happens if I don't pay a fee?
    Two months of non-payment, the service is suspended.
  • Do all clients pay a registration fee when entering Mentalité?
    All new clients that join Mentalité pay a registration fee. Old customers do not pay tuition.
  • Can anyone hire a Sports Psychology Plan?
    The people who use our services the most are: - People who do physical exercise. - Athletes. - Trainers. - Sports Professionals. - Representatives of Athletes. - Sports judges. - Sports directors.
  • Do you hold face-to-face or virtual sessions?
    We do both modalities. In-person sessions: Rafael Cañas 50, Providencia, Santiago de Chile. Virtual sessions: Zoom platform.
  • What is the value of an individual plan?
    Write to us at and we will send you all the updated information 😉
  • How does teamwork work?
    We have 5 phases: 1) We hold a meeting prior to the program, to raise concerns and requests from Trainers or sports team management. 2) We carry out Diagnosis of the sports climate and evaluation of psychological factors of performance to all the members of the team. 3) Based on the results and needs of the group, tailor-made workshops and activities are designed. 4) At the end of the program, the group is evaluated again. 5) Final report.
  • How long is a program for a sports team?
    3, 6 or 12 months, depending on the needs of the team.
  • What is the value of a job for sports teams?
    Being a custom job, the value will depend on the needs of the sports team.
  • How can I request a meeting to get more information?
    Write us at😉
  • What themes are worked on in sports team programs?
    Among the topics we address in team programs are: - Group cohesion. - Motivation. - Concentration. - Tolerance to frustration. - Leadership. - Stress Regulation. - Management of emotions. - Conflict resolution. - Among others.
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